ESQUINÇADORES is a first edition of special microvinifications that will come out over time, dedicated both to the world of paper and to Molí Parellada, the building that has hosted us as a winery.

This wine is a tribute to all the women who tore the cotton, linen, or sisal cloths in the paper mills. Mothers, sisters, neighbors of Torrelavit, workers who left their skin and deserve all our respect and recognition.

A tribute

Esquinçadores is a tribute to the women who tore the cotton, linen or sisal cloths in the paper mills.


Single varietal organic white wine

Single varietal organic white wine, 100% Sauvignon Blanc from D.O. Penedès, with oxidative aging of 6 months in new chestnut barrels on its lees using the battonage technique and 6 more months of reductive aging in bottle. Autor wine, bottled unfiltered and with a limited production of 320 bottles.

It has an intense and bright yellow appearance, with balanced aromas of white fruit, herbaceous and toasted touches resulting from aging. Good acidity.

An elegant wine, ideal to accompany fresh seafood and fish, as well as white meats.